Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Constitutional Amendment-The Remedy?

Gus is a one-year-old male German Shorthaired Pointer that seemed to have that adolescent teen personality.  He has great physique and ability but is entirely bashful in new situations.  Even though he was well socialized he still did not meet people well and would cower with a new person or loud noises.  Conversely, he was completely comfortable with pointing birds and a shotgun blast.  Gus also had a poor appetite and ate the occasional bite all day long.  I decided it was time to give him a constitutional remedy. 

A constitution is the emotional, mental and physical state of an individual.  It is his or her nature or temperament.  This can be genetic and/or acquired.  While most of our focus is on the physical aspects of health, the more important is the emotional or mental health.

A constitutional remedy is one that fits most of the entire person: physical, mental and emotional.  Ideally a constitutional remedy is used on a healthy person to fortify them.  However, most remedies are used when something is out of balance.  When “out of balance”, the remedy selected may not be the individual’s “constitution” but is the remedy picture presented.  Each homeopathic remedy has physical, mental, and emotional aspects.  It is the homeopaths job to select the remedy that best fits the total person. 

While most use homeopathics for a single purpose, such as Arnica for bruising, each homeopathic remedy can influence a number of seemingly unrelated symptoms.  Lycopodium (club moss) is commonly used for gas and poor digestion.  The mental aspect of Lycopodium includes indecision, timidity, loss of confidence or poor self-esteem.  There is a fear of strangers and a fear of being alone.  The key note here is impotence.  This is not a sexual impotence but overall ineffectiveness. 

Gus received one dose of Lycopodium 1M with no results.  With the second dose one day later he made a complete shift.  He was more confident and happy to meet anyone new.  It was as if he thought everyone had a gift for him.  He also began eating all of his food when presented.   The only down side was that he was interested in mounting any other canine of any sex.  No more ineffectiveness of attitude.  Hopefully, better judgment would come with experience.  Pretty amazing.  
(Note:  most homeopaths would not use a 1M potency first and would start with a 30C, but this was not my choice). 

Stay Well!

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