Monday, July 1, 2013

The Body Electric

The body is electric.  (As an oddity, check out the electric manAs a matter of fact, practically nothing happens in the body that is not related to electrical charge.  Your body is mostly water containing minerals that are electrically charged.  So it would not be too far fetched to imagine that electromagnetic fields (EMF) could impact the body in a small or large way.  Such EMFs are created by electric current and the magnetic field they create.  This includes any electrical power source: power lines, substations, transformers, wiring, microwaves, lights clocks, computers and cell phones.  Chronic exposure to EMFs can cause DNA damage, increase stress, affect immune function.

A client had experienced unexplained nausea, digestive issues and inflammation for about 3 weeks.  Homeopathic remedies were only briefly helpful.  This is what happened.

“My husband woke around 3AM and couldn't go back to sleep.  I woke up abruptly with the alarm clock ‘hollering’ making a noise that sounded like a ghost in the house. Ed experienced the same thing with the air purifier in the living room. The window air conditioners were also making crazy noises and we could not cut them off.   The light in our master bathroom came on and was so bright it looked like it could explode.  The power had turned the switch on itself.  In the living room smoke was coming from behind the TV.  I called 911 and Ed pulled the plugs from the outlet in that area.  Fire trucks came, and the Electric Company was called.   They discovered the old transformer had lost its ‘neutral’.  If we had not been at home our house would have burned.  But the crazy thing of it all was that my sickness left as quick as it came.  They replaced the transformer with a new one and I got better instantly. “

While this is an extreme case, there are numerous individuals that are sensitive to electromagnetic fields.  This is also a perfect example of actually determining the cause of an illness.  Elimination of is cause is the appropriate treatment.  Neither pharmaceutical, herbal, nor homeopathic interventions are appropriate.

Sleep can be impacted by an electromagnetic field.  This may include a clock radio that is too close to your head, a heating pad, an electric blanket, or an electric outlet.  The extremely sensitive may want to avoid an innerspring mattress that may act as a conductor.  Cell phones and the subsequent earpieces that many wear have been linked to brain cancer. 

While most of us will never experience such an issue, it is helpful to be aware of such an issue and perhaps take steps to avoid problems. 

Stay Well!

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