Thursday, December 13, 2012

Detoxification Part Two

If you are going to start some detoxification program, it only makes sense to decrease the toxins that come from the outside of the body.  These are toxins that can enter the body by inhalation, thru the skin and mouth.

I love the example of a room full of puppies.  Do you keep cleaning up after them or put them outside?

An example of inhaled toxins include cigarettes, gasoline fumes, solvents, cleaning fluids, and welding fumes to name a few.  The use of chlorinated cleaning solutions in a poorly ventilated bathroom is adding to your toxic load.  Other inhaled toxins include a cold virus, mold, or some airborne bacteria that can create an acute or chronic problem.

Toxins that enter the skin include gasoline, solvents, cleaning fluids, pesticides, herbicides and metals.  It is rarely considered that children playing on chemically treated lawn can absorb such chemicals.  Also, swimming in pools or sitting in a jacuzzi allows for the absorption of chlorine.  Golfers playing on wet grass have the potential for absorbing all the course treatment chemicals.  Metals include aluminum from antiperspirants, lead in paint, and mercury from amalgams (dental fillings).  The injection of some drug products such as the flu vaccine or hepatitis B vaccine contains toxic material. 

Toxins can also be ingested and include chemically treated foods, fluoridated water or toothpaste, chlorinated water, parasites, or bacteria.  Gardeners that want their vegetables to stay insect free use sevin dust as a chemical intervention.  How about spraying with a weak soap solution as often as needed?

While in this world it is impossible to completely avoid external toxins, you can certainly take steps to decrease your overall load.

Stay Well!

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