Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Detoxification & Terrain Part Three

Once you have taken care of Part One and Part Two then you can move on to other areas.  A parasite cleanse may be the next step if you are at risk.  Parasites can rob you of nutritional resources and add to your toxic load.  Please see the blog on parasites. 

The next concept in wellness is terrain.  Terrain is simply the overall environment.  Terrain can be internal or external.  It can be physical but can also be emotional or mental.  If you normalize the terrain or create an environment for wellness then health will follow.

If you spray herbicide around a spring or branch you not only kill the vegetation but you also alter the entire environment.  This includes a complex ecosystem of animal, reptile, insect, and microorganisms that live there.  With such a change different organisms that may be unwanted could thrive.  If you remove the herbicide residue then plant life will eventually return along with the ecosystem.  While we view this as external, it is an example of what can happen internally. 

Internal terrain could be any part of the body such as the intestinal environment.  Taking antibiotics alters the bacterial terrain, creating imbalance and allowing yeast or unfriendly bacteria to grow.  Keep in mind that an imbalance such as yeast can create waste products that can be detrimental to your health.  Maintaining the good intestinal bacteria is vital to your overall health.  Taking a probiotic such as Enterobiotic SBOis a positive step in gastrointestinal health.

While cleanliness is important, avoid antibacterial soaps that alter bacteria on the skin.  A good vegetable based soap such as Dr. Bronner's Castile soap is adequate. Brushing the skin while bathing aids in lymphatic flow and exfoliation of dead cells.  

Another example of external terrain may include a clean hygienic space.  This may also include a spiritually healthy space that is supportive, friendly and happy.  Such an external environment is supportive of emotional health, which impacts your internal environment.  Negative emotions can increase blood pressure, decrease respirations, and cause hormone disruption.  While this is a sidelight to physical detoxification, there is such a thing as emotional detoxification.

Stay Well!

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