Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Natural Detoxification Part One

I always get questions about how to do a “cleanse” which is another way of saying detoxification.  Basic detoxification is a daily wellness activity.  Toxins can be normal waste products internally created by our body’s normal function.  Toxins can also be substances from outside of our body in our water, food, personal care products, drugs, chemical products (cleaners, pesticides, herbicides), dental materials, and microorganisms. 

Your body naturally detoxifies via exhalation of carbon dioxide, sweating, urination, or through bowel movements.  Acute detoxification includes a runny nose, vomiting, or diarrhea.  Another type of detoxification could be a pimple or a boil that discharges toxins directly thru the skin.  There are some basic principles of detoxification as follows.

 Being well hydrated(Got Water Blog) is the first principle.  You must have water intake in order to dilute and process toxic substances.  This obviously includes urination, but dehydration can also contribute to constipation.  Joints also require fluid for synovial fluid that lubricates and cushions joints.  Undiluted toxic material in joints allows for inflammation and pain. 

The second principle is good bowel movements.  Every time you eat the food creates movement in the gut.  Having less than one bowel movement per day is constipation.  Fiber(Got Fiber Blog) is vital as it acts as a broom to sweep the colon; absorbs by products of bile from the liver decreasing the possibility of reabsorption.

The third principle is good bile flow.  Dehydration is a factor in thick bile that does not flow properly.  The liver creates waste that flows thru ducts from the liver into the gall bladder.  Bile contains byproducts of liver detoxification including components of hormones and cholesterol.  Bile also is used to breakdown fats from the diet.  Fats in food that pass the bile duct cause bile to move out of the gall bladder to aid in the digestion of fats.

Never use any products that aid in liver, kidney, lymphatic or cellular detoxification without having the above in place.  You must have hydration, good urination, and bowel movements.  The pipes must be open first!

Stay Well! 

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