Monday, October 15, 2012

Fast Horses, Bruising and Arnica

Thirty some years ago I went for a horseback ride with my sister.  It had been years since I had ridden a “trotting” horse.  This was not the average Quarter Horse.  Jay was a tall former racetrack horse that she bought as a barrel horse.  I remember asking if he was fast.  She gave me a look, kicked her horse and was off.  I gave Jay his head, came from behind, passed her like she was standing still and wondered if I could get him stopped before going into a sharp blind turn 200 yards away.  At this eye watering speed, I doubted he could make the bank without his feet coming out from under him on the hard packed dirt road.  This was going to be ugly.  Five hundred yards or so later one fool was able to stop another. 

After about two hours of riding I became uncomfortable.  My posterior bruising blossomed into a fully orchestrated crescendo of “personal” discomfort.  I decided to walk and lead the horse only to find that walking was just as bad.  It hurt to sit or walk and we were miles from the barn.  And now you know why I value the smooth gait of the Tennessee Walking Horse.  Looking back, I also wish I had known about Arnica (and perhaps not to call on a former race horse).

Arnica montana is a common remedy for bruising, stiffness and muscle soreness.  It is a yellow-orange flowering herb that grows at high altitude and is said to “possess an affinity to the effects of falls.”  It is primarily used in creams, ointments, and tinctures and in homeopathy. 

Homeopathically, it can be used for trauma and its effects, recent or remote, which include emotional shock, for those that have the feeling of being “beat up”(as I felt) or bruised.  It is also known as a remedy for stroke.  

It is one of the premier herb and homeopathics that is embraced by skeptics of such remedies.  Plastic surgeons are even known to recommend it to reduce the trauma of surgery.  Arnica is found in Natural Creations Surg HP which is for pre and post-surgical support.  It is also found in Peaceful Mountain topical Rescue products.


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