Thursday, October 18, 2012

Perception Reframing and EVOX

Perception (from the Latin perceptio, percipio) is the organization, identification and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment.

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On April 14, 1912, the Titanic was 4 days into the voyage to New York.  She hit an iceberg at 11:40 PM resulting in the loss of 1,502 people.  The iceberg we see is usually about 10% of what is there.  Such are our perceptions.  Our minds take in a huge amount of information, filter the information resulting in our perspective.  This perception may be accurate, but we percieve more than we are aware of, which is more often felt than thought about.  Have you ever noticed how individuals will see the same event but report it differently?  How do we see the same thing in such different ways?

One answer is that we all have different life experiences that may distort what we see.  The concept of our past experiences that are carried with us translates into emotional baggage.  This baggage requires some level of energy to carry, maintain or suppress.  We all have some form of baggage, but the worst is past abuse in any form.  Some may feel emotionally blocked, angry, trapped, frustrated, or out of control.  This leaves us caught in the same old external or internal arugments. 

There is a saying that we are what we think.  We are also what we do not think.  The unconscious thoughts are akin to the 90 percent of the iceberg under the surface of the water.  This is what really runs the show.   

EVOX is a computerized system that helps to “reframe” perception.  It uses voice mapping technology related to health, work, relationships, athletic preformance, and other aspects of life.  It is particularly for traumatic experiences.  EVOX uses a multi-sensory communication system using light, sound and electro-magnetic media that gently allows a shift in perception.  This can be a life changing modality. 

EVOX can be the missing piece for:
- those that have done hours of therapy without significant results.
-those that do not believe they can be well.
-those that can never quit get beyond their past.
-those that can not maintain a relationship.
-those that are in their head so much they can not be present with their family.

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