Thursday, October 11, 2012

Natural Delusion

A delusion is a belief with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.

Today’s world is technologically advanced.  Computers are powerful and amazing and the connectivity is better than ever.  Our communication devices can track anything on the web with a touch or voice command.  Our cars are computerized and soon our homes will have the futuristic features of cartoons and movies.  Our medical community is so advanced we have individuals that specialize in time of life or the smallest body part.  With all the advances we live longer.  Surgeons can replace organs, knees and hips with great skill.  Our chemical/drug interventions have made the world a better place to live.  If we have any problem there is a medicine to fix it.  We produce more food, products, and modern conveniences via the marvels of chemistry than at any time in world history.  Our entertainment venues are so realistic that our minds believe us there.  You can even enjoy reality TV instead of living our own life.  Our organized sports rival the gladiators of Rome.  The musical artists are better than ever with their computerized productions.     

How much of this is true?  Are our senses at peace?  Are you so connected that you can not relate to your family and those around you?  Have you noticed how in a group of people that many will be holding and interacting with their “smart” phones.  Can your doctor just look at one part of your body and understand the whole person?  Are we really living longer or did the advances in sanitation, water quality, maternal care, and organ transplant boost the numbers?  Why do we have more Autism, ADD, and ADHD?  Why are more people on dialysis?  Why are our joints wearing out by our 50’s?  Why are we ranked 37th in health care of the 190 countries in the world.  Is our food really healthy?  Are we poisoning the earth with our chemicals?  Is it helpful for us to play video games and spend hours on the computer watching murder, mayhem, and rape?  How many virtual deaths do our children experience by the age of 18 years old?

A delusion is a safe comfortable place that lulls us into complacency. 

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