Monday, August 6, 2012

Relationship Health

One comment from a reader was that I had written nothing on relationship health.  How can we make assumptions about the differences in men and women when there are so many external factors?    Certainly, all of our relationships can impact our health.  Most of this is written with the assumption that the relationship is devoid of abuse or other extremes. It is also has nothing to do with the “honeymoon” part of a relationship.  This is the introduction to three other parts about natural differences in male/female relationships.  

Here are the relationship priorities, as I see them.  First, is to have a relationship with your creator.  The second is to take care of you.  The third is to take care of your marriage.  The fourth is to take care of your children.  Many women may disagree, as it is natural to put emphasis on your child.  It is especially important to put priority on your infant but if this is the continued first focus as they grow, then everything else will suffer.  I have observed that some women put everything first except for taking care of themselves.

By taking care in this order you are actually taking care of your children.  If you crash they will suffer, and if your marriage crashes then they will suffer.  So taking care of yourself is a positive way of taking care of everything else in your life. 

Hormones play a tremendous role in our health and relationships.  When male or female is over-scheduled and continuously pushing it ultimately disrupts hormone balance.  It is the kiss of death for a man to tell his wife the problem is her hormones.  She will say, “That has nothing to do with this!”  Her experience and perspective is real.  At the same time, she knows things are out of balance. 

Men are generally not as good at taking care of themselves as women.  While they are not as hormonally complex, they can still get out of balance.  When this happens, energy drops, sleep patterns suffer, and they become irritable. 

Balance is a continuous process.  We have all experienced extremes and life challenges that require some adjustment.  The point here is that if you cannot take care of your overall health the rest of this information may be difficult to consider.  Hormones can be powerful influences in your health.  Hormones that are out of balance can distort reality. 

Stay tuned for part 2……………Stay Well!

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