Friday, August 3, 2012

Natural Punctuation

The lady called her pharmacy with a question.  She recently started hormone replacement and within two month, her period started.  She had not had a period in 2 years.  The male pharmacist said, “That’s great!”  She was not amused.  The compounding pharmacist explained, “The longer a woman cycles, the healthier she will be.”  Of course that is easy for a man to say!

The book, "The Youth Effect", by Ronald Brown, MD cuts through the issues of hormone replacement for women.  The concept is that we age because our hormones diminish.  Of course time is inescapable.  As woman ages and goes into menopause; she stops ovulating and no longer has a period.  While women do not enjoy the transition due to hot flashes and night sweats, many welcome the cessation of this monthly event. 

A quote in Chapter 1, “Successful Aging”, says, “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”  While looking for the fountain of youth, not all agree that we should interfere with the aging process.  After all, it is natural to age and die.  At the same time, we naturally desire to keep our youth and vitality as long as possible.  We positively or negatively influence the aging process with every choice we make. 

Hormones are involved in so many functions.  Think of them as cellular communication that impacts our entire health.  This includes bone, muscle, and skin health.  Hormones also impact mental function and memory.  For some, the benefits also affect sexual health.  This is why many are saying yes to bio-identical hormone replacement. 

Stay Well

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