Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Natural Difference Part Two

Ladies, here is a secret.  Your man wants to please you and many the things he is doing now is an attempt to that endeavor.  And he actually thinks the thing he is doing is what you want which is why he shakes his head when he finds you displeased. 

Now, just so you know, because you ask will not always make it happen at the moment you anticipate.  But at least now he knows and it is on his list.  Remember the linear thing.  There is actually a list in his head and your request has just been put in his “proper” order.  By the way, when you are talking and he does not seem to be listening, he is going over his list or solving some other problem on the list.  Of course the other possibility is that he is in la la land.  Failure to place the proper time value on your request does not mean he does not value you.  What you may perceive is that he is operating off of the wrong list.  He may also reserve the right to establish boundaries for your request just as you do.

Here is one other helpful hint.  I know what ever is on your mind has been there cooking for some given time and you want to discuss it.  The smart thing is to pick your time.  The words a man never wants to hear are “I have something I want to talk about”.  We think, oh no, what’s wrong.  Of course you have to say this but pick your time.  If your man is tired you will probably not get the best response.  Men should do the same.  Show each other the courtesy of perhaps picking or asking for a favorable time for a talk.  Never pick a mealtime, as it is bad for digestion.  Also, I personally strive to avoid addressing anything when I am angry.  You can say the same words but the reception is entirely different. 

Stay tuned for Part 3

“Live Well!"

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