Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Natural Illness, Homeopathy and Children

It is natural to get sick.  Illness is the body’s immune system responding to something it does not like.  So it is normal to get the occasional cold.  Rejoice!  Your immune system is intact.  Getting sick all the time or never getting sick could be a sign that something is wrong.

The human body is an amazing creation with the natural ability to heal.  It has complexity that is difficult to truly understand.  Science is taught in compartments.  The cardiovascular system is separate from the digestive system, etc.  Learning compartments is helpful but it must be integrated into the whole person.  Disease is also compartmentalized and is called a diagnosis.  If you have a diagnosis then you know how to treat the disease with x,y, and z drugs.  Much has been put into the study of disease.  There are two missing pieces here: the study of the individual with the disease and an individual’s susceptibility to a disease. 

The study of how toxins in humans are processed and how the body compensates for such toxins is called Homotoxicology.  It teaches that disease is either an appropriate defense in order to eliminate a toxin from the body or an attempt to compensate if elimination is not possible.  Toxins inside of the body are part of the normal metabolism and waste the body produces.  Toxins outside of the body include pollution, preservatives, chemicals, some bacteria and viruses. 

The process of illness can be “compartmentalized”-first occurring outside of the cells of the body and second occurring inside of cells.  The body’s first defense or state of illness is excretion.  You sweat, your eyes water, your nose runs, you vomit, you get diarrhea.  If you suppress this process, such as taking something to stop diarrhea then the toxin stays in the body and creates the second state of illness known as inflammation.  If you take an anti-inflammatory, then you create the third state of illness where toxins are deposited in tissue for storage.  This is a protection mechanism.  THEN if you continue to suppress illness, in the fourth state, the toxin goes inside the cell known as impregnation.  This is followed by the fifth state, cellular degeneration, and finally the sixth stage of illness-CANCER.

Homeopathy is sometimes used as a treatment for problems such as diarrhea but it is not a suppressive therapy in the same sense as a pharmaceutical drug.  Children and animals respond quite well to homeopathics.  Natural Creations "CP" or child potency line makes is easy.  There is Baby Acne CP, Bedwetting CP, Colic CP (a must have remedy), Constipation CP, Croup CP, Diarrhea CP, Earache CP, Fever-Inflammation CP (another must keep remedy), Focus CP, Nausea CP, Raspy Cough CP, Runny Nose CP, Sleepy Time CP, Teething CP, and Vaccine Support CP. 

Stay Well

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