Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Autism and Natural Immunity

There is nothing of more concern to a parent than his or her child.  Certainly, a child’s health is paramount and the rise of autism is alarming.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that in 2000 the rate was 1 child in 150.  In 2008 it was 1 in 88 children.  The rate for boys is 1 in 54 and girls 1 in 252.  This is scary as this disease was virtually unknown 20 years ago.  So what is the cause?

Autism is a neurological disease that is associated with problems in the development of brain and nerve tissue.  Metals such as mercury, lead and aluminum are known neurotoxins.  Mercury actually causes the myelin sheath covering nerves to be destroyed.SEE UNIVESITY OF CALGARY VIDEO.    Lead is associated with learning defects in children.  Aluminum is associated with impaired learning and reduced motor coordination. 

It is highly likely that such metals may contribute to autism.  It is also likely that there are other contributing factors that have yet to be identified.  This could include immune system disorders, and the toxic load of the mother from the environment.  A 2005 study reported over 200 different chemicals in each newborns umbilical cord blood sample.    Looking for a single cause will not solve the problem.  Illness usually has a number of factors that come together to create disease.

In 1994, North Carolina enacted a law that required hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccination for all children.  Current vaccination for HBV is started on the day the infant is born, followed by a shot at the fourth and 16th week of life. This is just one of many vaccinations to follow.  HBV vaccine is made from a fungus using “recombinant” technology.  Recombinant means genetically engineered.  Recombinant technology has brought us human insulin. 

Information found in the vaccination manufacturer’s package insert states that the product contains no more than 5 percent of yeast protein.  This translates into RNA or DNA, which is genetic material.  This is unknown RNA or DNA, which, in theory, can interact with our genetic material.  It also reveals that the vaccination contains aluminum and thimerosal.  The thimerosal is a preservative that contains mercury and is reported to be in “trace amounts” in a concentration that is technically not a preservative. 

So if you have a known substance that causes a problem, would you think the first step would be to eliminate the source of the problem?  If I had a room full of puppies, should I keep cleaning up after them or just put them outside?    The first principle of wellness should be to eliminate any source of a toxin entering the body.  This is simple common sense.  However, in medicine it seems that we must study the problem and get a consensus as the problem gets worse.  Science is not always scientific.

Let’s assume that a pregnant woman is already infected with HBV.  Does it stand to reason that the infant already has the virus?  Can the vaccine protect the child from something it already has?  HBV is transmitted by sexual contact, contaminated blood and/or illegal IV drug use.  So if you are a parent that does not fall in the behavior of common transmission then what is the actual risk to your child?  If your job is in the health care field then you have already taken the HBV shots.  If the vaccine works then your immunity is passed on to the infant through breast-feeding.  The last possibility is that the infant contracts the virus in the hospital.  Hopefully this is not likely.  What is the actual risk of contracting the disease and what are the potential risks of the treatment?

A newborn does not have an intact immune system, which is why breast-feeding is important.  The child gets its immunity from the mother.  Can the baby’s immune system really respond in a positive way to the vaccination?  The very question is unreasonable.  Also, the infant’s brain is not fully developed; even if it were, would you really want to give a known neurotoxin in any amount?  Scientific researchers continue to tell us that vaccinations are not the cause of autism.  They may not be the only cause but are they a contributing factor?  Even if they are right, we are still in violation of risk verses benefits.  We are trained to believe vaccinations prevent disease.  Have you ever Googled “Vaccine Injury”?  Health care is about choices. 
Be informed. 
Be well!

This blog is written for informational purposes only.  This information should not be used for the diagnosis, as a recommendation for treatment, nor should it be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional.  If you have questions or concerns about your health, please contact your healthcare provider.

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