Thursday, May 31, 2012

Energy Medicine

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 Energy medicine in a traditional sense includes things that are perhaps unseen or lacking explanation.  This may include the practice of homeopathy, flower remedies, and in some cases essential oils.

What is it about energy medicine that is so baffling?  Depending on the dilution, a homeopathic remedy may or may not include a single molecule of the original substance.  The contrast of perspectives is vast.  Any chemist would certainly find the concept amusing.  You can find an enlightened physicist that can explain the concept; however the majority of us are not physics savvy.  I think most scientists could agree that:

  1. From a chemistry perspective, every living or non-living thing on the planet is a combination of elements that are found on the periodic table.
  2. The difference between the elements has to do with energy, the number of electrons and protons.
  3. The body is electric and functions due to electrical charge.  We can measure brain waves that we cannot see.  We can measure the electrical function of the heart.  We can measure the galvanic skin response used in lie detection.
  4. There is much we cannot measure such as the impact of a single bee sting that may not touch a single nerve and yet creates a wave of immediate whole body impact.

The difficulty falls in the fact that the impact of energy is just too common for us to recognize.  It is what we take for granted.  We have no problem talking into a small box to someone in another city.  How far through space does a radio signal go and when does it stop?  Can we see our words and emotions pass through the air?  Sound is a wave form that we receive via our ear drum and our experience tells us it is real.  And yet, we can not see sound pass through space.

How about what we can see.  The color in the rainbow is actually different frequencies or wave forms of light.  While we perceive the world around us as images, the “picture” must pass through space and be received by our light detecting device (our eyes).  We do not actually see the wave forms as they travel.  We experience the amazing results.  Have you ever been in a room full of people and stared at a particular individual.  How did they all of sudden turn their head and look directly in your eyes?  Or have you ever “randomly” turned your head and looked across the room to find your eyes meeting someone else’s?

So just as when we experience light and sound, we may also experience the emotional energy emitted by an individual.  If we visualize a happy event, perhaps a child playing with a puppy, we experience the joy of the event.  Conversely, if we see an unjust act, we will have a negative emotional experience.  Thoughts have energy.  A positive happy thought creates instantaneous hormone integration or a positive feeling.  If you think about a negative experience you have instantaneous hormone disruption.  We could look at these events from a mechanistic chemistry and physiology perspective but our experience is immediate.  Have you ever been with someone that inspires or encourages you?  When they leave you feel more energized.  How about the person that leaves you drained.  Did they actually take your energy?

We experience energy all the time through our senses and through the vehicle of our body’s most abundant substance, water.  The water is the carrier of our energies and emotions via waves of information.  Is it really so far fetched to believe that the atomic elemental energy combination of a plant or mineral can leave an energetic imprint in a fluid such as water in a homeopathic remedy?

Stay Well! 

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