Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mental Resistance

There have been many times that I am getting on an interstate when the big WRONG WAY sign is all I see.  At that moment, I cringe only to realize the sign is for the other lane.  The next thought is, “I wish they would angle those signs in more so it would not look like it is for the correct lane”.

How we think is vital to our health.  If you do an inventory of your self-talk you may find many negative perceptions that frame your world.  “I can’t lose weight”, or “I have bad knees”.  These types of statements are both self-fulfilling and also not true.  I promise that if I gave you a diet and you followed it-you would lose weight.  Also, your knees may not be those of a 20 year old but they may still work.  If you were to say, “I am not going to eat sugar”, the last thing you actually said was “eat sugar”.  You could say “I will make healthier choices in my diet”. 

A diagnosis can be a curse.  If you hear the words, “You have cancer”, then every thought or experience of that disease is immediately in your mind.  And every time you repeat those words the negative feelings are reinforced.  Even the concept of fighting disease is extremely negative.  Fighting creates resistance, and a mental picture of a struggle and destruction.  More positive statements could be, “I am improving my health”, or “I am living my best”!

Stay Well

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