Friday, March 29, 2013

Secret Brain Chemistry

My last blog demonstrated either my emotional instability or the fact that the brain is an amazing organ under the complex influence of biochemicals known as neurotransmitters.  The real frontier of medicine lies in the area of this brain chemistry.  How can we change the way we think in order to make a change in our life?  We are impacted on a moment-to-moment basis based on what we experience and how and what we think. If you experience a good thought then you also experience immediate hormone integration.  Just think of someone that has wronged you and the opposite is true.  Negative thoughts are hormonal disruptors that drain our energy.

You might say that the example of impulse buying is a brain out of control scenario.  In fact our brains become hardwired to experience the same emotions and events every day.  It is like we are addicted to the same things that we have experienced all our lives, as if we literally have no choice.  Those with a victim mentality experience just that.  Those that have an anger mentality experience just that.  Those that experience guilt, stay in that frame of mind.  This is the same as an addiction.  Keep in mind, any addiction can be a substance or behavior that makes that individuals brain chemistry feel normal, even if it is just for a moment.  How can we change this brain chemistry to get off the negative life defeating emotions?  Some are successful with a spiritual path.  Others may need another tool.

The book, “The Secret”, gives a clue as to how we can change the way we think, and therefore change our perception.  (See Perception Blog)  The method is to create an intentional fantasy about what we would like to see, and then allow yourself to “feel” how wonderful it is to have what you mentally created.  The positive feelings require different neurotransmitters, create new neural pathways and ultimately a different brain chemistry pattern.  Of course reality may be entirely different but this is irrelevant to the brain because the fantasy is biochemically just as good as actually having the real thing.  Most of us already know how to do this.  If you plan on buying a car, you can actually see yourself driving the car before you actually open the door or take legal possession.  It already happened in your head, it feels good.

I am not advocating living outside of reality as there are many things beyond our control.  But having any passive fantasy about anything is outside of reality.  This is just using fantasy as an intentional tool for change.  The skeptics would say, you cannot fantasize about getting one million dollars and expect it to fall out of the sky.  They are, of course, correct, they are always correct. 

(The next blog will offer insight how physical toxins can create mental disruption.)

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