Thursday, September 20, 2012


The 55-year-old man enjoyed physical work on his farm.  He particularly enjoyed working his nephews and other high school students in the hay field.  This was hot, physical work.  Physical labor can be satisfying, at least for some.  The other enjoyment was that he could out work any of the young men.  Well, until one day while unloading at the barn in need of a break,  he though, “I must be losing my edge.”  At that moment one of the boys said, “Can we take a break?”  While giving quiet thanks, the older man said, “Sure, if you have to.”

As men age, sometimes our self-image does not match reality.  We can be overweight and bald and still think of ourselves in our youth.  What a wake up call when we discover that we cannot keep up.  The drive diminishes and we may become content to hold the remote in front of the boob tube. 

Is it time for a tune up?  Men can experience a decline in testosterone as they age.  The book,  "The Youth Effect", by Ronald Brown, MD, is written for women about hormone replacement.  Chapter 9 is for men in “andropause”.  There is the case of Harold, an 88-year-old that was not ready to lose his spark. 

Hormone replacement for men is not as popular as for women, but there are strong arguments for testosterone replacement therapy.  Testosterone replacement for men can contribute to male health including muscle mass, sex drive, mental function, motivation and a general sense of well being. 

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  1. The debate about Andropause is really interesting. Generally speaking, this is the state where the testosterone level drops from its normal range. The symptoms include anxiety, mood swings, and — more often than not — a sudden drop of sexual appetite. There are some methods made available to bring the levels back to its normal range. However, it’s best to consult with a professional about it, so that you could get valid information about different options that will suit your needs.

    Earnest Rodgers @ Total T Clinic