Saturday, April 14, 2012

Imperative Digestion

Jejunum Cross Section
Small Intestine

Digestion begins with the sense of smell followed by salivation and proper chewing.  The stomach has an acid environment.  Acid is needed to break down protein and liberate minerals.  With proper digestion the stomach empties into the small intestine which is an alkaline environment.  Bile is released to aid in the digestion of fats.  At the same time enzymes from the pancreas aid digestion.  If everything goes well the nutrients are absorbed for utilization in the body.  In the colon, water is re-absorbed to form a stool.

The environment impacts digestion.  Eating in traffic is vastly different than sitting down for a pleasant meal.  Eating while being upset also creates a poor digestive state.  Ideally you should be well hydrated during the day so you can eat a meal with little or no fluid.  Excess water, tea or soft drinks dilute the digestive process.   Throw in a super sized cola with ice inhibits digestion.  Hot tea is much better.  These are just some basics of good digestion.

Is it any wonder that more Americans experience indigestion and require the use of prescription antacids?  Taking such a product on a regular basis is the path for other chronic health issues.  Acid is needed for proper digestion of food.  It is better to solve the problem.  Did you know that neurotransmitter such as serotonin is made in the gut from protein?  A possible example of why depression is a side effect of such a drug.

Food allergies are a major factor for indigestion.  The most common food allergies are dairy and wheat.  Our process grains are not the same as the foods of our parents.  Dairy is highly processed as well.  Raw milk is much better as it contains enzymes and bacteria that aides in digestion.  At the same time, I believe the gut can be compromised with the over use of antibiotics allowing the body to become more sensitive to wheat and dairy.  Any use of antibiotics should be accompanied by a good probiotic.  My favorite is Enterobiotic SBO that contains 15 different types of bacteria and soil based organisms.  A deficit of the good bacteria can contribute to indigestion. Identifying basic food allergies is helpful in solving problems with indigestion.  

Other aids for digestion include a teaspoonful of Braggs Apple Cider vinegar in a little water before a meal.  Enzymes such as Optizyme can be added during a meal to aid in digestion.  Good digestion is imperative for good health!

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