Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Beginning

                    All Heal
              Prunella vulgaris
            Found in NC Mountains
I learned more about compounding medication and hormone replacement thru the Professional Compounding Centers of America.  I also learned more about natural medicine through a now defunct educational company known as Lifespan Wellness Centers.  It provided seminars and education for pharmacist that wanted to learn about natural medicine and sell more products.  Of course, some of the motivation was sales but most of the pharmacists were sincerely interested in this information. 

Just so you know, a pharmacist is in a unique position in that they can recommend product that they sell.  This could be a position of power for an individual’s financial gain.  In school we are taught not to abuse this relationship even to the point of refusing a sale if it is not in the best interest or need of the customer.  Professional conduct is important and I believe most pharmacist follow this philosophy which is why they have been at the top of the “most trusted professionals” list.

I attended every seminar that I could possibly make.  At the time I never imagined I would go so far with this new venue.  I mostly justified the time and expense with the notion that if nothing else, I could help individuals in my family.  But I also really enjoyed learning.  One of the speakers that I found the most interesting was Dr. Jack Hinze.  He was a captivating lecturer that seemed to have the understanding and ability to integrate many disciplines into one topic.  In school we learn in compartments.  An example is anatomy.  We learn about the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, etc.  Other larger compartments may include biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, and psychology.  Then you have the pharmacology of drug therapy, herbal medicine and nutrition.  There is also energy oriented medicine such as homeopathy.  Dr. Hinze masterfully brought it all together in a manner that was understandable.  He is also the founder and product originator of the Natural Creations product line. 

One of the downfalls of modern medicine is this notion of compartments.  Can you really separate them from the whole person?  Can you extract one component of a plant and say this is what really works?  Everyone uses the “holistic” word which is a great concept.  Without trying to sound mysterious, over the years, I have learned there are many layers to the concept and many layer to an individual.  This is also compartmentalizing but the point is that as Dr. Hinze integrated the educational piece, so is the individual integrated in the complexity of the human body and their existence.

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