Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Winter Weather, Morphine, Milk, and Bread

A recent snow flurry brought joking comments about those who will empty the grocery store shelves of bread and milk.  It is one of those things that people in the South say when it snows.  It never fails that any threat of winter weather produces casein and gluten shoppers.  Of course it is rare that any winter weather stays more than a day or two.

Some consider such behavior as odd.  After all, is it really that important since the roads will be clear tomorrow? Perhaps there is more to the compulsion to shop at the very hint of weather restricted access. It only makes sense if you look at it as a real food addiction. 

As it turns out, the protein casein (link)found in dairy products and the gluten found in wheat can actually turn into weak morphine like proteins. These react with opiate receptors in the brain.  The conversion of these type of proteins will vary from one person to the next. 

In my experience, the most common visual symptom of a gluten or wheat intolerance is fluid retention and inflammation.  The most common symptom of a dairy allergy is chronic sinus congestion.  Both of these can be accompanied by poor sleep.  An "O" blood type can have both allergies.  An "A" blood type is more prone to dairy intolerance. 

Individuals with a gluten or dairy allergy will consume their addictive food on a daily basis.  They also consume that type of food disproportionately compared with the other foods in their diet.  The most common response to the suggestion that one eliminates gluten from their diet along with the deer in the headlights look is:  "What else can I eat?"  It truly escapes them that fruits, vegetables, and meat are possibilities. 

If you suspect a food allergy try a modified elimination diet.  Stop eating that food (wheat or dairy) for 21 days.  On day 22, eat all you wish and stop again.  Notice any symptoms from day 22 to 24.  You may experience anything from a mild runny nose to full blown gastrointestinal upset. 

A food allergy has far reaching effects that include indigestion, inflammation, and hormone imbalance.  Hormone imbalance includes adrenal problems that impacts energy and sleep.  Thyroid hormone can be suppressed increasing weight.  Sex hormones, including estrogen and testosterone can also be suppressed.  Identifying your food allergy can be the most powerful wellness change you can make.

Stay Well!


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