Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Pill Problem- Nutrition Depletion, Disease, and Decreased Libido

The advent of the oral contraceptive “pill” in the 1960’s certainly changed the female, how do you say it...uh...I will reframe from characterizing this from a male perspective.  From a woman's perspective, "The pill gave women an sense of control, or what we perceived as control."...."In the 1960's men were still telling their wives who to vote for in elections.  Freedom is so incredibly powerful when when you've never had be in charge of our own bodies!"  While there were obvious benefits, there were also problems. 

Ross Pelton, Pharmacist/Certified Clinical Nutritionist, has written a book “The Pill Problem” as a means to educate women primarily in the area of nutrient depletion.  While the medical world is aware of some drug induced nutritional deficiencies the majority are never addressed.  Educated pharmacists have been talking about this for years.  Keep in mind the chemistry of the body requires nutrients to function properly.  It has always bothered me that a folic acid deficiency creates the birth defect of neural tube defects.  At the same time oral contraceptives create such a deficiency which is never addressed until one is pregnant.

“Oral contraceptives cause a depletion of a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants in women’s bodies.  These nutrient depletions increase the risk of depression, sleep disorders, anemia, low energy, migraine headaches, heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, diabetes, a weakened immune system, giving birth to an infant with birth defects, and cancers in the uterus, colon and breast.”          ALARMING!

The most common deficiencies include all the B vitamins, magnesium(calcium/magnesium blog), Co Q 10,Vitamin C, tyrosine and selenium.  Anyone taking these synthetic hormones found in oral contraceptives should consider supplementation. 

Oral contraceptives can also have an impact on overall hormone balance that ultimately results in decreased sex drive, arousal, and orgasm.  The drug that allowed women to have more sexual freedom ironically quelled what they desired.

“The Pill Problem” is an excellent educational tool for the woman that wants to be proactive with her health.  Utmost importance in this is this day and age!

Stay Well!


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