Monday, June 10, 2013

Deer Antler Velvet, Bone Growth and Sperm Count

Eleven years ago, my female German Shorthaired Pointer produced Buster.  He became a Dual Champion (Field Champion and Show Champion).  His owner called me earlier this year and offered him to me as he was getting out of the dog business.  I really wanted another litter sired by this exceptional dog but that was a gamble due to his age. 

Buster arrived, a little over weight with some joint stiffness.  A trip to the vet to check his sperm count produced the following comment from the vet.  “The port wine color of Buster’s ejaculate is quite alarming…..The good news is that he is producing viable sperm cells.”  The vet recommended a three-month course of antibiotics.  Given my background, she knew I probably would take an alternative approach.  I started him on Prostate Advantage an herbal prostate formula.  Arnica 30C and Phosphorous 30C were added to his water every other day to address the blood issue.  I also added Avinotripin every day.  Avinotropin is a product made from deer antler velvet, which has concentrated growth factors. 
Three weeks later the prostatic fluid was clear and the sperm count was still low at a few hundred thousand.  One week later the sperm count was 2 BILLION (yes this was done by a lab machine), with 90 percent motility and good morphology.  Buster was also leaner,  moved freely, and could jump in the front seat of my truck.

Buster is back in business.  

Deer antlers are distinguished from horns, as they are re-grown each year.  The velvet is a soft spongy growth that supplies nutrients to growing bone.  This is the fastest growing bone structure in nature.  Growth starts in late spring and is completed by the end of the summer.  At some point in time, usually late winter, the deer shed the antlers.  These become a source of minerals for forest animals.

In Chinese medicine deer antler velvet is valued for the nutrient, minerals and hormone related issues.  The benefits reported are many.  Last year, my wife had a traumatic compound fracture of the ankle and lower leg.  After 2 months, x-ray showed one small bone that was not healing.  After one month of Avinotropin, the bone was healed. 

Amazing stuff!


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