Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Allergy Relief

I welcome the spring but for many it is the beginning of the new allergy season.  An allergy is when the body becomes hypersensitive to a particular antigen.  The antigen categories are: inhaled (pollen, dust, mold, pet dander), foods (dairy, grains, shellfish, peanuts), contact (chemicals, plants), or from injections (medications and insects).

Theoretically, it is not natural to be allergic to grass and trees.  An unreconized food allergy can increase the sensitivity to inhaled antigens.  For some this could also be a sign of either a problem with one’s immune system or a chemically toxic body.  Think of it as a full glass of water and one more drop causes an overflow.  The body is already doing all it can to maintain health and the allergen is the final insult. 

Some immunotherapies use antigen to evoke an immune response resulting in the production of antibodies.  Antibodies help protect the body from future contact with antigens.  Homeopathic (likes cures likes) antigens can offer temporary relief of allergic symptoms until the season or sensitivity has passed.  Of course it is best to improve one’s immune system and avoid contact of any offending substance if possible.  The dosing is 10 drops under the tongue three times daily as needed.
Per my request, Natural Creations has made an exclusive allergen mix for the Southeast.
Allergy-Southeast Mix
Other antigen products include:
Allergy Pollen
Flower Antigen
Grain-Seed Antigen
Mold Antigen
Nightshade Antigen (peppers, potatoes, tobacco, tomatos, & eggplant)
Tree Antigen
Vegetable Antigen
Weed & Grass Antigen
Household Antigen (cleaners)

Another favorite homeopathic remedy for allergy- Allergy HP

Stay Well!

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