Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentines Day and National Impotence Day?

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I recently discovered that Valentines Day is also National Impotence Day.  As if there were not enough performance pressure on men for your sweethearts special day.  Now we have a day of impotence?  Just wondering when “the time is right” and “being ready at a moments notice” is enough to make one question one’s abilities without the help of a special little pill.  Mix that with “the time is not right” rejection; but I just took the blue pill-will this really last four hours?  If I had taken the red pill things would be different.  Amazingly enough, the Sexual Dysfunction Association founded in 1995 focuses on men “suffering” with erectile dysfunction.  Really?

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have twisted this marketing strategy (let’s turn a normal or drug induced change into a disease state) to nail down Valentines Day.  After all, which man would form such an organization?  Ok, I’m impotent so I would be happy to let everyone know by forming a Sexual Dysfunction Association!  And what would the Hallmark card say?  Sorry for you’re loss…..  In sympathy….?  You can almost hear Toby Keith singing “I ain’t as good as I once was…”

The conclusion to the yahoo post by Ashley Spencers.

“To call Valentines Day as National Impotence Day is a way of bringing impotence to a level of popular consciousness.  It’s not a celebration of impotence but a ‘call for action’ for all those men who are suffering from impotence, but refuse to address this fact.  By zeroing in on a day to spread awareness about impotence, men with ED will always have a day to call this condition their own.  It’s a day that can help them gather more information about their condition; connect with others suffering from this condition and search for an effective treatment option that will help them address their condition.”


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