Monday, January 7, 2013

Got Flu?

It seems that this is one of those years for the flu.  One of the premier influenza remedies is Oscillococcinum.  The remedy name was coined by a French physician that saw military duty during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1917.  He noticed a bacterium in the blood that seemed to oscillate.  Oscillococcinum, made from an extract of the Muscovy duck liver and heart at 200C potency, can be helpful. 

Skeptic’s claim there is no scientific evidence for this remedy beyond the placebo effect.  They also list homeopathy as a pseudoscience which perhaps make me a pseudopharmacist.  If, in fact, it is only a placebo effect and I get better, then what is wrong with that?  After all, much of the prescription medications actually work via the placebo effect which is measured in pharmaceutical studies.  If you believe something will help and it does, then be happy.  I have used homeopathics on horses and dogs effectively.  Since they do not have expectations that I am aware of then I don’t think an animal benefits from the “placebo effect.”  Also, homeopathics for infants show amazing effectiveness and they have no formed belief system.

Another remedy is a nosode of Influenzium.  A nosode is a remedy made from the discharge of an actual disease.  Nosodes can be used as a treatment for the disease or as a preventative which may be taken monthly. 

Stay Well!

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