Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Natural Coping

The diversity of individuals in this country is amazing.  Particularly when you consider the different religions, races, cultures, and economic conditions.  There are those that grow up with privilege and those that grow up in extremely poor conditions.  Rich or poor, children have survived some incredible conditions.  Humans have the incredible ability to cope and adapt.  Our motivation-we have no choice.  We want to survive.  We adapt to our cultural environment.  One human coping mechanism is humor.  Sheila Robinson, author of "People In Hell Want Ice Water", explores the world from the eyes of Ramona Poarch, who is only 10.  It is a humorous fictional account of life in a small southern town in the 1950’s.  She endures her father’s alcoholism, her mother’s affair, her father’s murder by her mother, and her siblings abuse all from an innocent child’s perspective.  It is her book, “For all of us from humble beginnings.”

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