Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Natural Time

As my twin daughters turned 30 this month, I am reminded of how time often moves too quickly.  Dr.Robin Murphy's interpretation of the line in Hotel California, "They can stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast"- the beast is time.  It is the dimension we cannot stop.  The Byrd's lyrics "Turn, Turn, Turn", is a reference to Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.  Time is what we run to and away from.  We can not escape time which makes “anti-aging” a myth.  Just where did they put that fountain of youth?

Natural time happens relative to astrophysics, the movement of the sun, moon, and planets.  We have day, month, season, and year clock.  We also appear to have a 7 year cycle with changes in life stages.  Think about how you changed in multiples of 7 years.  Hence, the seven year itch and the "mid-life crisis" at 49 to 56. 

When we are out of balance, our natural clock is off.  Symptoms may include daytime fatigue and poor sleep.  For women, the monthly cycle may be out of balance as in PMS.  We cannot stop the clock, but we can reset it by understanding what is out of balance and making the necessary adjustments. 

Chronic stress can lead to a maladjusted day clock.  An Adrenal Stress Index saliva lab may be the ticket to adjust the day clock. 
  Stay Well!

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