Friday, July 6, 2012

Natural Healing

We are created with the ability to heal.  If you cut your finger, you bleed and then you heal.  There will be a point in time that you will not even have a physical awareness of that injury.  Of course you could still remember but it is not on your mind.  The true healing of disease does not evoke thought or emotion relative to the event.  We continue our life as if nothing happened. 

A “cure” implies the ability to end a disease.  This “cure” may involve a product, surgery, medical treatment, or lifestyle change.  The word cure is often viewed as absolute claim.  So, implying that a product will cure a disease is not accurate as it does not take the individual into consideration.  A cure is effective if when you remove the product or treatment, the symptom does not return.  A remission implies the symptoms of the illness are not present but the illness can return.

Healing is different to me as there could be a product involved, but there can also be mental, emotional or spiritual aspects.  There are many levels of healing.  Some may still have the physical manifestations of the illness but have healed on a spiritual and emotional level. 

There is the common concept that we fight illness.  This concept is counterproductive to healing.  Just think about the mental image of fighting which creates mental disruption.  That is not to say that we may struggle when we are ill, but fighting creates damage.  Fighting is resistance or conflict.  To heal you must be resistance-free.

Most of us have known someone with cancer.  The very word “cancer”, creates a mental picture of the disease and evokes negative emotions.  Every time someone asks, and you say, “I have cancer”, the negative is reinforced.   Even the emotional experience is consumption.  At that moment, the focus is on the treatment for the cancer.  With that focus, one may miss other forms of healing.  One patient told me that getting cancer was the best thing that ever happened to him because he re-evaluated his life and made positive changes.

Illness often starts on the mental, emotional or spiritual plane and erupts in the physical.
Healing starts with changing your mind to create a mental environment that is conducive to healing.  Some healing traditions involve spiritual bathing, a baptism, the anointing of oil, or prayer.   So healing can be finding new balance in your life.  Making a conscious decision to heal creates a path to better health.

Live well!

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