Thursday, June 28, 2012

Natural Skin Care

It seems that we live in a world where appearance is everything.  Sometimes permanent opinions are formed with the first visual impression.  It is so important that some will sacrifice health for their perception of beauty.  While some are more concerned than others, we would all like to be healthy in our physical presentation.  The skin is the largest organ of the body.  It functions as a protective barrier and is part of our immune system.  It provides sensation to temperature and pressure, it helps with temperature regulation, and it is water resistant.

Many products focus on improving skin quality with lotions and potions.  Ironically, many cosmetic products are toxic.  It is well known that the sun is important for vitamin D, but we have all seen individuals that get too much sun, either directly or in tanning beds.  These individuals also know that too much will damage their skin. 

Over-washing with antibacterial soaps removes too much natural oil from the skin.  Is it really necessary to wash every part of the body with soap every day?  Unless you are particularly dirty from some activity, try rinsing and using soap only in areas that need attention.  The same thing is true with hair that we over-wash and condition.  Some cultures oil skin and hair after bathing.  Light oiling of hair is good for you and actually makes it look healthier.  

While external care and hygiene is important, the overall picture of skin, hair and nails is the result of what happens inside the body.  Good hydration is important to healthy skin.  The quality of the foods we eat is vital, especially good fats.  The skin is actually a reflection of the intestinal health inside the body.  Ever noticed when teens eat the wrong foods that their acne will get worse?  Quality appearance of skin, hair and nails is nutrient dependent.  These nutrients include vitamins, minerals and fats.  Improve your diet and product choices for healthier skin. 

Product Choices

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