Friday, June 8, 2012

Breast Health and Proactive Wellness

On a small island in the West Indies in a third world physician’s office was a simple cancer detection device.  A hand held infrared thermometer that cost about $100.  Temperature readings are made and recorded on various areas of the breast and a comparison is made between the right and left side.  The indicator is if the temperature is 3 to 4 degrees higher on one side than the same spot on the other side.  Other in house blood and urine labs are preformed along with electrodermal screening and a diagnosis is made.  Everything there is treated with herbal “bush” medicine.  Here is amazing care with few resources.

There is a lot of attention and awareness surrounding the issue of breast cancer.  Pink is the color of the day for a sensitive subject.  So many have been impacted and all the focus is on early detections.  Thermography is a wonderful, safe, non-traumatic method of early detection.  So what can we do for early prevention?  Basic wellness is always the best approach to any disease prevention.  Good water, good food, good thought, and good elimination.

Breast massage with natural oils is a positive proactive approach to the prevention of breast cancer.  The breast tissue is composed of glandular, fatty and fibrous tissue.  There is also a lot of lymphatic tissue, which is the extra cellular fluid system of the body.  Lymphatics in the body carry nutrients to the cells and waste from the cells.  Muscles and basic movement help move this lymphatic fluid.  Breast tissue does not have the advantage of muscles for movement of the fluid.  Massage may help move toxins that have been stored in the breast.  Pay particular attention to the areas close to the armpits.  This massage is particularly helpful after or during a bath of shower.  Using one of the NATURAL OILS on the whole body is usually better than commercial lotions that contain preservatives.

Do not use antiperspirants containing aluminum.  (See Van Yulay Deoderants)Sweating is the way our body detoxifies.  Never suppress a normal body secretion.  Although controversial, aluminum is also reported to have estrogen like effects.  Also, most antiperspirants have other chemical ingredients that cook in the armpit and are absorbed through the skin that the body now has to detoxify.  Even discharge from the nipples that may occur with massage is a good thing as toxins are leaving your body.  In a toxic world, proactive wellness is the key to good health.

Stay Well!

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