Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Got Fiber?

There are many health problems that are created by dehydration and constipation.  Have you ever heard someone say that it is normal to not have daily bowel movements?  Perhaps this is common but not normal.  A good standard for bowel function is at least one bowel movement per day.  If hydration is the number one health goal then a daily bowel movement is the second.  This is one major avenue of the body’s normal detoxification process.  Dehydration is a major cause of constipation.  Every time you eat there is peristaltic movement in your gut.  This means that you should have more than one bowel movement per day. 

Eating food low in fiber contributes to constipation.  In kindergarten we made paste from flour and water.  Get the picture?  Raw vegetables and fruits can help.  While fiber helps bulk up the stool, it also aids in the absorption and elimination of toxins.  This is why fiber is a recommendation for individuals with elevated cholesterol.  The liver breaks down cholesterol, hormones (thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, etc) and other byproducts of metabolism which is excreted in the bile via the gall bladder.  Bile is not only a waste product but aids in the digestion of fats.  Adequate fiber absorbs the waste components for elimination.  Fiber also acts as a broom for the colon to keep it clean.  My favorite fiber product is Fiber PF which is a combination of psyllium and ground flax seed.

For some fiber products can be constipating.  This can happen when antibiotics create an opportunity for yeast or candida to flourish.  This yeast combined with sugar results in fermentation creating gas and alcohol.  Good bacterial flora in the gut is also imperative to good bowel movements.  The bacteria have a normal life cycle of growth and death.  The normal bacterial die off helps soften the stool.  The use of a good probiotic such as Enterobiotic SBO is often helpful.

For some there is an emotional component to constipation.  It can be the holding on of toxins including toxic emotions.  Not being able to “let go”, so to speak.  Suppressed anger from abuse is a perfect example as many of these individuals display constipation.   This illustrates one aspect of how the mental, emotional, and spiritual can impact the physical body.  Much of illness starts on this emotional plane and is magnified in the physical body.  One great principle is if you heal the emotional/spiritual, then the body will, in turn, heal.  The spiritual is usually followed by the physical. 

Other products that are helpful include herbal teas such as Gaia Natural Laxative, homeopathic combination products Constipation or Constipation CP for children by Natural Creations.

Good bowel health is a major health goal.
Stay Well!

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